Anita Harris fans out in full force on social media

ITV’s Last Laugh in Vegas featuring Anita Harris has been receiving rave reviews both in the press and directly from viewers on Twitter. The actress and singer has received a raft of support from audiences across social media, with many enjoying the performers off-stage personality just as much as her on-stage talent.

Cameras have been following the full group of performers, which also includes comedy double act Cannon & Ball, entertainer Bernie Clifton, comedian Mick Miller, pianist and entertainer Bobby Crush, singer Kenny Lynch, 60’s pop idol Jess Conrad OBE, and singer and comedian Su Pollard. Harris has proved to be a much talked about force on the show, and we have highlighted just a few tweets sent around last week’s episode here:

Such has been the strength of the reaction to Anita’s presence at the show, and the warmth shown by fans, that she has now launched her own Twitter account and you can find her @AnitaLastLaugh.

The show, which has already been attracting audiences of 2m+ viewers, continues on ITV tonight at 9pm.