Anita Harris to appear on “Tommy Cooper: In His Own Words” on Christmas Day

Winterson’s actress, Anita Harris, will be back on our television screens on Christmas Day, as she takes part in a special programme honouring the life of Tommy Cooper. The show, titled “Tommy Cooper: In His Own Words” will air on Channel 5 on Christmas Night at 9:15pm. 

Other stars joining Anita on the show include Sir Michael Parkinson, Jimmy Tarbuck, Lionel Blair and Chris Tarrant, as they look back on the celebrated life of the comedian, magician and all-round entertainer.

It’s also the first time that the Performer’s daughter, Vicky, will give an interview about her Father, after years of abstaining due to grief.

“It all of a sudden came to me,” Miss Cooper says in the Express. “I owe it to his public, for them to know about the real man and to show my love and respect for him. I do still miss him dreadfully, I really do… He loved laughing. That’s all he wanted to do, was make people laugh. He used to get such joy when people laughed.”

The show will look back on the fez-wearing comedian’s life from his childhood in a Welsh mining town, through his military career and his rise to fame. We look forward to raising a glass to the legendary performer, and seeing Anita on our screens this Christmas!