Black Women Dating White Men – Merryl Ansah

BLACK WOMEN DATING WHITE MEN is a Zoom support group for five Black women to learn, laugh, and drink lots of wine. The piece was created from a collection of interviews of (you guessed it) Black women who are in long-term relationships (plus two marriages) with white men. Jones was inspired to write the piece when she found herself in a relationship with a white man, something that she never imagined happening. Expect talks about privilege, activism, and the mystery of headscarves.

Review: BLACK WOMEN DATING WHITE MEN, is a timely, entertaining verbatim piece which draws upon numerous important issues in a short period of time – and does so with subtlety and grace. Translating perfectly onto zoom (and online performance), it presents itself as a cluster of conversations between Black women who happen to be dating white men.

Black Women Dating White Men is expertly crafted by Somebody Jones, bringing moments of great comedy but also sincerity. Due to the nature of the conversation, it is the kind of theatre that we NEED to be watching right now.

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