A Brief Encounter with Adrian Hood

Having recently filmed a part for the new ITV drama series, Brief Encounters, Adrian Hood will next month take up rehearsals for When We Are Married, a joint production between Northern Broadsides and the York Theatre Royal that will be embarking on a UK tour. We caught up with Adrian to find out a little more about his upcoming projects, working with Winterson’s, and his enduring connection to the local community.     

Please give us a little bit of background on what you’re up to at the moment…
I’m involved in Brief Encounters for ITV. It’s just a small role in episode 3, playing the role of Harold Bushell, who is a supplier to the Spakes Family Butchers, central characters throughout the series who are experiencing financial difficulties. It basically involves me refusing credit to Mrs. Spakes (played by the lovely, now Dame, Penelope Wilton). It’s directed by Marek Losey and Produced by Jo Willet who I had previously worked with when she produced a Channel 4 ‘Coming Up’ film called Ben and Lump.

And you’ll also soon be appearing in When We Are Married… What can you tell us about that production?
When We Are Married is a Northern Broadsides/York Theatre Royal production, directed by Barrie Rutter. It’s a J.B Priestley play. We start rehearsals in York in August and it involves a 4 month tour taking in venues such as West Yorkshire Playhouse, Rose Theatre, Kingston, Liverpool Playhouse and ends at the Broadsides’ home base: The Viaduct Theatre, in Halifax, in mid December.

I’m playing the part of Councillor Albert Parker, one of the 3 central couples in the play. A slightly pompous, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.03.09self-regarding character, important in the local community etc. A great fun part to do and somewhat different to the usual roles I take on. Looking forward to the challenge – looking forward in particular to finally work with Barrie Rutter. Several previous opportunities over the past 20 year have never really worked out due to other commitments and so on, but I really respect and admire the work he has done with Northern Broadsides.

How long have you been with Winterson’s and what singles them out from other agencies?
I’ve been with Winterson’s for just over 2 years now, although in truth this is the first year that I have been fully commitment free to be able to work with Niki and the team full on. I was looking for representation with someone who had drive, passion and a real work ethic alongside a knowledge of all aspects of the industry. I met several potential agents and Niki was suggested as a good possibility by a friend who’s opinion I respect.

By a country mile, Winterson’s were the agency I really wanted to be represented by at the end of the process and I was really pleased that they agreed to represent me. I think Niki ticked all the boxes and I really felt that I could speak honestly and openly to her and would get the same back. This along with a very strong team, Faye, Lawrence and Mithra, who all seemed to share the same ethos.

What are the key priorities now until the end of the year? And what can we expect to see you doing more of in the future?
I would always like to do more television – especially comedy – but anything that is interesting or challenging. The rest of the year is mainly going to be about the Priestley play. I live in East Yorkshire and my nearest city is Hull, which is of course the 2017 City of Culture, I’ve always had a connection professionally with the City from when I started back in 1988 with John Godber’s Hull Truck Company and remain involved with John and his own ‘John Goober Company’. There are a couple of opportunities to be involved in productions as part of the C of C year which are in development.

I am also involved in running a local social club in the area which has a great reputation for original live bands and events and this is also going to be utilised in the C of C events. I’ve worked closely with playwright Richard Bean in the past, mainly at the Royal Court, London but also up in Hull and there’s a project probably end of 2017/early 2018, a play he’s planning to write for me about stand-up comedians.