It’s the time of year where our TV’s are filled with Christmas adverts to get us all in the mood for the festive season. Which is great, if you can identify with what you see on screen. Sadly this isn’t the case if you’re not seeing yourself represented.

Breaking barriers is the norm for Melissa Johns, educating the masses and giving a rightful space to the under-represented. Having had enough of the lack of diversity yet again Melissa Tweeted this:

This time she was met with a welcome response from Simon Naylor working alongside 53Two

And here is the finished product:

Filmed in one day.
With just under £50.
Produced by Triple C & 53Two

‘The message in it has nothing to do with disability necessarily. The message is if you can give anything at Christmas give your time and we just happened to use a cast of both disabled and non-disabled actors.’


Following the advert creation, Melissa who is also a part of DANC co-hosted an event at ITV with a panel of industry professionals. We were lucky enough to be on the panel at the event and what a wonderful day it was.