Emily-Mae shines as Pippi Longstocking

Emily-Mae proves to be a smash hit as Pippi Longstocking at Royal & Derngate this festive season!

With rave reviews from kids and adults alike, Emily-Mae who can play anything from fierce goddess Paradice in Brooklyn the musical to the adorably mischievous Pippi Longstocking opened as Pippi to rave reviews!

‘Emily-Mae brings a sense of innocence and wonder to Pippi that makes her endearing and keep you on her side through all the ructions she causes.’ – Broadway World ★★★★

‘The actors all double as instrument-playing musicians with the exception of Emily-Mae as the eponymous heroine…With her stiffly braided pigtails and parti-coloured stockings, she looks dead right. More importantly, she captures Pippi’s mix of anarchy and altruism: when a teacher presumptuously asks her how much seven and five make, she refuses to help her out if she doesn’t know, but, when someone has to be saved from a blazing building, it is Pippi who comes to the rescue. Emily-Mae also puts across Barker’s songs, which he dubs Gypsy swing, with tremendous verve.’ – The Guardian ★★★★

‘In the title role is Emily-Mae. Her Pippi is how you imagine Pippi must be – full of life, sparkling with energy and good humour, and totally self-reliant. She has a great voice too… It’s a portrayal that’s bursting with enthusiasm and perfectly pitched to appeal to the children in the audience. Her character is always trying to avoid submitting to authority and is constantly getting one over the adults in the process, but it’s carefully done and although some of the authority figures end up as figures of fun, it’s done in a very gentle way so they’re never being totally ridiculed.’ – The Reviews Hub ★★★★

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