Gay Times Magazine interview Tim Mahendran

Our superb Tim Mahendran was interviewed by Gay Times Magazine, speaking about playing Francois in &Juliet the new Max Martin musical in London’s West End.

& Juliet includes a leading character that is questioning their gender identity and another that is questioning their identity. How important is the inclusion of May and Francois are to the show?

‘I’ve never played a role like this before. A lot of the interviews it’s been Francois finding out who he is. He is a possible love interest for Juliet, but he meets May and it’s not that he’s gay… he’s pansexual. He’s completely besotted the first time they meet when they bump into each other on the dance floor. It’s a split second but there’s something there. There’s this whole scene of proposing and him and May get this time alone and there’s this connection. Francois is oppressed by his father and he throws these parties asking him to marry. Francois wants to get married but then when he meets May, that’s what he really wants. It’s about saying that this isn’t what I want, but this person. I’m straight and my dad said to me after the show, ‘Have I ever made you feel like that?’ He hadn’t, but he said that it does make you think about it. Not only for people of our generation coming to watch and accepting who they are which is a gift in itself, but hopefully inspire the older generation and give them an insight into what life is like now – how 20 years ago.’

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