The growing trend of actors in music videos

15 years ago Christopher Walken appeared as the sole protagonist in Fatboy Slim video, Weapon of Choice. It was not the first time an actor had appeared in a music video, but it did represent a notable evolution in the artform as the narrative took shape around a recognisable face. More recently the likes of Tom Hanks, Kevin Spacey, Ray Liotta and notably Millie Bobby Brown have all turned their hand to the genre. Now, Winterson’s actor Glenn Carter has joined them, appearing in a tabloid talkshow parody video for Let You Go by Chase & Status.

It’s a trend we’ve seen grow a lot here at Winterson’s, and for the actors involved it can provide a concise and engaging showcase for their work:

“Music videos are an interesting platform for actors and musicians alike,” said Faye Timby, Junior Agent at Winterson’s. “The music industry has changed significantly with the advent of digital and more than ever before the 4-minute music video has become a powerful marketing tool for raising the visibility of acts online. Using recognisable faces increases the shareability of such content and for actors the timelines of established musical acts represent a whole new audience to tap into.”

It is an interesting byproduct of digital progress that we are now seeing the music and drama sectors – two huge staples of the entertainment industry – merge even further. It will be curious to see how the merging of these two art forms progresses over the coming years.