Hamish Adams-Cairns on the transition from stand-up to stage shows

Hamish Adams-Cairns’ show Ash lit-up the Edinburgh Festival last month, with rave reviews across the industry press. Here, he talks to us about the festival, current trends in UK comedy, and the blurring lines between stand-up and stage.

A few highlights from the reel…

Came up here in 2012… (0:04)
…and then I was just doing sort of stand-up on the open mic circuit. Then I came last year and did a clown show called Where’s Keith with a load of people that I trained with, so this is the first time that I’ve come up and done and actual ‘rehearsed play’.

On stand-up comedy (1:20)
It’s a saturated market, really. There are so many people doing stand-up. And I think… I was unfortunate really in that I worked in a comedy club, came here and went mad watching comedy, and was performing it myself. So I oversaw way, way too much stand-up! So now it takes quite a lot for me to be impressed I would say… I’m sort of a stand-up snob I guess! I like to see something that’s not just straight up stand-up people talking about aeroplanes, and train journeys, and how bad they are in the bedroom (zzzZZZ) all that stuff…

More TV (2:45)
My passion will always be comedy. Not necessarily just stand-up, but comic performance, acting, improvising, character work. So I’d like to continue doing that but more sort of TV work really. I’d like to expand it and do a bit of everything really.

On the importance of the internet (3:15)
I think with people starting off, there’s a lot of people thinking let’s get the YouTube channel, or let’s get the web series out there and advertise it through people who’ve got huge YouTube followings and hope to get seen that way. I’m not sure if I completely buy into it to be honest. I would rather be seen in something on stage than just posting things online. I think that’s the best way to see if somebody’s good or not really, is to see them in the flesh.

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