Industry reacts to the death of Gillian Lynne

On Sunday, we were met with the sad news that legendary Choreographer, Gillian Lynne, had died at the age of 92. The industry reacted with warmth and respect, including our own Anita Harris, who worked with Gillian on Cats.

Lynne choreographed more than 60 shows in the West End and on Broadway, and is widely considered to be the greatest choreographer in musical theatre history. Last month, the New London Theatre was renamed after her and last night, Theatres across the West End dimmed their lights in a mark of respect for the lost star. Industry reaction has been pouring out on Twitter, including from Anita Harris, and we have given a short selection of here.

Winterson’s extends our deepest sympathies to the friends, families, and colleagues of Gillian, who bows out at a time when musical theatre is more popular and successful than it has ever been.