Jeffery Kissoon speaks to WhatsOnStage ahead of Dostoevsky’s Demons

This week Jeffery Kissoon opened in Dostoevsky’s Demons in the unique venue of St Leonard’s Church, Shoreditch. Ahead of the short run, the actor spoke to WhatsOnStage about the play, and gives his thoughts on a full and varied career across stage and screen.

“I’m still getting my head around the plot of Demons,” Jeffery Kissoon told WhatsOnStage. “It’s a big book by Dostoevsky and what is incredible is that Peter Sturm has managed to condense it into an event. It shows some of the details of the pre-revolution in Russia in the 1860s where ideologies were all in flux. Demons is based on a true story, where a man was murdered by a group of student nihilists. It’s like a fight for the new Russian man.”

Demons will run at St Leonard’s Church, Shoreditch, until Saturday 11th November, and in addition to talking about the play in the article, Kissoon also shares some earnest insights into the rest of his career:

“Starring in Peter Brook’s Mahabharata in the ’80s has got to be a highlight of my career. The show was a culmination of all of Brook’s work, all his research into theatres, acting and actors. We performed in canyons in Australia and standing on top of cliffs. It was 12 hours in the theatre, with intervals, and we never worried whether audiences would respond badly to the length. You could watch it in parts or all together. For an actor, it was a total experience, not just: I’m an actor learning my lines.”

You can read the article in full at WhatsOnStage here.