Madhav Sharma joins the cast of Eastenders

Winterson’s actor, Madhav Sharma, has joined the cast of Eastenders, playing one of two new family members to come into the Ahmed family home. Acting alongside Indira Joshi, the pair will take residency of number 41 Albert Square, as the new heads of the Ahmed family.

“It’s really great to be joining EastEnders and I’m excited to be part of the Ahmed family,” said Sharma. “The first continuing drama I starred in was on the BBC so this is like coming home for me. I’m really looking forward to playing Arshad.”

The character of Arshad is the Uncle of Masood Ahmed, played by Nitin Ganatra, who it was announced would be returning to the show earlier this year. Together with Auntie Mariam, played by Indira Joshi, the two will take on the senior patriarchal and matriarchal figures within the family, with the Eastenders production team promising ‘some incredibly challenging, fun and exciting stories ahead’.

The new residents will appear on-screen in the new year, and we look forward to seeing Madhav in action as what is already being described as the ‘jovial and mischievous’ character of Arshad!