Mark Jordon gives his take on returning to Emmerdale

Mark Jordon recently returned to ITV’s Emmerdale after a 3 year absence. Here, he talks to us about the role of Daz, what might be next in-store for the character, and what it’s like to be back on the set of the ITV Studios having previously appeared not only in Emmerdale, but also in a 17 year stint as Phil Bellamy in Heartbeat.

It’s fair to say that there was some strong media attention around your recent return to Emmerdale. Please introduce us to your character and what he has been up to during the absence…
“After a three year absence from the show, we very sadly discover Daz has been living on the streets. It seems that during this time as a homeless person he’s been thinking about some of the life choices he has made. His hope was to get a job, a home, and try to make up with his brother. When Kerry spots Daz begging on the streets, she reaches out and makes steps to get him back on his feet.”

“But Daz has to prove himself to be welcomed back by his brother Dan. The journey he has taken will bring problems to the Spencer household, but may yet bring the family closer.”

Were you surprised when you got the initial call about returning to the show?
“I have always had hopes to return as Daz, as he was one of the most enjoyable characters I’ve ever played. To be asked back was a great joy. Especially having worked for seventeen years in that building previously, playing Phil Bellamy in Heartbeat, it feels home from home. Two series of Rocket’s Island as Peter and shooting a music video for the band, Shields, for their single Alive, have been two of the most enjoyable jobs I’ve been able to experience since I last visited Emmerdale.”

And finally, we have to ask… is there anything you can tell us about the future storyline developments for Daz!?
“So far the plans for Daz are not for the public to hear I’m afraid. It has been noted that Daz is about to start a relationship with one of the cast. He also is to start work in the village — and a mistake from his past comes back to haunt him. But that’s all I can say!”

It’s fantastic to see Mark back in such a well-loved, mainstream role, and you can read a recent feature he appeared in for the Radio Times here.