Mark Jordon rejoins the cast of Emmerdale

Winterson’s actor Mark Jordon made a dramatic return to ITV soap, Emmerdale last night, three years after originally parting the show. The high profile return was kept secret from the show’s fans, who took to social media last night to voice their surprise.

“I’m overjoyed to be back at Emmerdale,” Jordon told the Radio Times yesterday. “I had a wonderful time when I was here before, it was one of my favourite jobs ever and to get invited back had me screaming, ‘yes!’ Daz is obviously very different to the person we saw three years ago, and has had a lot to think about since he was last in the village.”

Of course, we have also had to keep things quiet this end, but are delighted that Daz’ secret is now out in the open and we can formerly congratulate Mark on his return! We look forward to seeing some more seriously engaging stroylines in this latest incarnation of this character.