Melissa Johns on BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester

Recently Winterson’s actress Melissa Johns was nominated for not one but two national awards, in the category of Positive Role Model of the Year at the National Diversity Awards, and Actor of the Year at the Media in Diversity Awards. Here, she speaks to her local radio station, BBC Hereford & Worcester, about what it was like to receive two accolades in the diversity sector back to back.

“One of the biggest things I campaign for is the equal representation of people with disabilities on screens and stages,” says Melissa. “But it’s kind of gone bigger than that now, it’s throughout society. Growing up I barely saw anyone on TV, or in films, or on stages that had a disability. And that starts to make you think oh no maybe that’s not for me, maybe I can’t do it. But the more we start to raise awareness and we start to give representation, that can only begin to have a massive impact on society as a whole.”

Johns, who recently played the role of of Imogen Pascoe in Coronation Street, also speaks about her recent experience with online hackers, who stole private images from the actress, as well as some of the wider issues facing women in the industry today. She is already the recipient of a 2017 TOYP Award, granted by the global JCI organisation to Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World, for inspirational achievements in the acting industry.

To listen to the full interview, simply click on the video above, and additionally there is still time to vote for Melissa in both sets of awards:

Vote for Melissa in the National Diversity Awards here
Vote for Melissa in the Diversity in Media Awards here