Rock the Lockdown with Sabrina Aloueche and Friends

The insanely talented Sabrina Aloueche joined forces with actors past and present from Queen’s We Will Rock You to bring you this absolutely brilliant piece of work.


Sabrina played Scaramouche in the Dominion Theatre on London’s West End, but it’s not enough share her amazing vocals she is also the creative director on this project and we couldn’t be prouder!

Speaking about the project Aloueche said: “Together, and with the help of a few friends, a three-week project has resulted in a beautiful statement that music, whether live or recorded or in isolation, really does bring a community together! Because of this they’d like to shine a light and raise some awareness for a wonderful charity whose incredible work has helped many individual actors in this industry especially during these tough and uncertain times: Acting For Others.”

Enjoy  ❤️