Shauna Kiernan promoted to Agent

Niki’s right-hand woman Shauna Kiernan has been promoted to Agent by Winterson’s.

‘I’m thrilled to have been given the opportunity to take everything I have learned from the team and hit the ground running with my new title. Working solidly beside Niki means that I have been at the forefront of the ever changing industry. I’m passionate about representing people from all walks of life. It’s a privilege to work with such diverse, incredible actors.

Nevertheless, I’ll always be Niki’s right-hand woman.’

Lead Agent Niki Winterson said, ‘As a team we are stronger than ever and have had time during this hiatus to do some great work on infrastructure. Our filing cabinets have never looked so neat!

Shauna has brought her characteristic work ethic to learn contract during the lockdown. Whilst we’re worried about theatre we’re also hugely excited by the growth in the British television and film industry and this is the area that Shauna will focus into. She is a safe pair of hands which never drops the ball.’

Head of Commercials Lawrence James commented, ‘The agency is now seeing consistent growth in  the commercial area and we feel confident to promote.’

Team Winterson’s are proud to see Shauna receive this recognition, and offer huge congratulations from across the agency!

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