Shauna Kiernan talks female LGBT+ rolemodels to BBC Radio London

Shauna Kiernan, PA to Niki Winterson, was invited onto BBC Radio London at the weekend, to talk about the need for more positive female LGBT+ role models within the industry and beyond. In a live studio piece that went out on Friday night ahead of the #PrideLondon celebrations on Saturday, Shauna and her fiancée, Anna Lucinda, talked to Jason Rosam about their own experiences with Pride and  the now changing attitudes towards equality within society. To can have a listen simply click on the video below.

“I was chatting with a few of the other members of the Winterson’s team, and they asked me if I had any gay female icons in the arts,” said Kiernan on the programme. “I was absolutely stumped! I literally had to go away and think about it. If this was the other way around, and you said to me, ‘Do you have any gay male icons?’ I could probably ring off 3-4. But in terms of females I really didn’t have a clue.”

Equality and equal representation, in all of its forms across the industry, is an issue that Winterson’s takes extremely seriously. Ahead of Pride, we also wrote about the need to now move the conversation on even further, from ‘Equal Rights’ to genuine equality. Shauna’s piece was fun, insightful, and an extremely proud moment for the entire team here at Winterson’s, as her words reflected the values that we all share. #PrideLondon arguably experienced its most successful incarnation to date in 2018, and Winterson’s will continue to be a vocal supporter of such movements.