Standout reviews for another Winterson’s actor as Burt Caesar commands at The Globe

King Lear opened at The Globe last week, with Winterson’s actor, Burt Caesar, taking on the role of Gloucester. The innovative telling of the Shakespeare classic has received some positive reviews, with Caesar’s performance standing out to many commentators. We have highlighted a selection from the national press here. 

“The images of national disunity and civil war have an uncomfortable resonance — never more so than when Burt Caesar as the cruelly abused Gloucester observes, ‘Tis the time’s plague when madmen lead the blind.’”
–Henry Hitchings, Evening Standard

“Burt Caesar makes a dignified and moving Gloucester”
–Sarah Hemming, Financial Times

“Burt Caesar, angry in a scarlet smoking jacket like the tramp in Pinter’s Caretaker, is a strong Gloucester.”
The Guardian

“The real wild card in proceedings, however, is Burt Caesar as his father, Gloucester. Sporting a red velvet smoking jacket, Caesar is an orotund and histrionic actor sent to us from the 19th century, at one point pacing in sync with the metre of his lines.”
Daily Mail

A huge congratulations to Burt who’s work continues to standout on stage as well as screen, and Winterson’s was delighted to have been in attendance of the press night of such an impactful show, which concludes the main-house programme of Emma Rice’s tenure as Artistic Director for The Globe.