Standout reviews for Leigh Quinn in The Crucible

The Geraldine Alexander-directed production of Arthur Miller’s Crucible received its Press Night at the Storyhouse, Chester last week, and there were standout reviews for Winterson’s actress, Leigh Quinn, who plays Mary Warren in the show. We have highlighted a selection here.

“Leigh Quinn is deeply unsettling as the profoundly conflicted Mary Warren. Impossibly pale and slight, she stands alone in a court packed with men. It takes all her energy to stay upright. Gradually – and with a flinch of recognition – we watch her succumb to the intense pressure, driven near-mad by an angry and all-encompassing male gaze.”
The Guardian

“Leigh Quinn is quite extraordinary as the beleaguered Mary Warren, whose recanted testimony becomes the final catalyst to catastrophe.”
The Stage

“Flynn expertly brings out the down to earth humanity of his character and, despite the occasional flash of cruelty displayed against his servant girl Mary Warren (an astonishing multi-layered portrayal by Leigh Quinn), transforms him into the hero of the hour by simply making him the voice of reason as he watches everyone else lose theirs.”
Chester Chronicle

A huge congratulations to Leigh who has clearly shone in the show!