Standout reviews for Serena Jennings as POSH shines at The Pleasance

Winterson’s actor Serena Jennings is currently playing the role of Alistair Ryle in the all-female version of Laura Wade’s POSH at the Pleasance Theatre. The show received its press night earlier this week, to rave reviews across the national and trade press, with Serena being singled out for the strength of her performance.

“Serena Jennings gives a stunning performance as the loathsome Alistair Ryle, caressing the lines with a cruel drawl and whipping herself up into an almost eroticised chaleur as he inveighs against proles with their plasma screens, a sex worker who has demanded her rights and refused to get under the table and see to the waist-high needs of all the club at once, and generally anything that expects a share of immemorial privilege.”
The Independent ★★★★★

“Cressida Carré’s well-judged production, whose clever use of a central revolve makes a potentially static dinner table set-up stylishly kinetic, brims with confident swagger from all the actresses as the boozy Riot Club evening disintegrates into disarray.”
Evening Standard ★★★★

“Montgomery’s foil is the goading, venomous Alistair Ryle (an outstanding Serena Jennings), a blend of angular consonants and pure condescension, who spits out the phrase “poor people” like it’s a curse.”
The Guardian ★★★

“There were some stand out performances all the way through but, for me, Serena Jennings as Alistair Ryle was absolute perfection.”
London Theatre 1 ★★★★

There were more positive reviews than we can even mention here. Suffice to say that this is a monumentally strong performance by Serena and we wish her and the whole team all the very best of luck with the rest of the run, which continues at The Pleasance until Saturday 22nd April.