Suzie Chard appears in Jermaine and Elsie

Winterson’s actor, Suzie Chard, appears in a new three part drama commissioned for London Live, which began on screens last week. The final two episodes are still to air on the channel, and you can view a trailer for the show here.

“I have adored being involved with the making of this film,” says Suzie. “Ashley [Campbell] who created the piece is a dear friend of mine for over 20 years and I was thrilled when he put the concept to me. We had an absolute ball making it.”

The drama is set in West London, Ladbroke Grove, and contains strong comedic elements. It gives a snapshot look at life for an elderly lady, Elsie, and the unlikely friendship that forms between her and her carer, Jermaine. Some of the themes explored by the show include the position of older people within society, as well as the wider issues of prejudice and alienation that we see around us.

It’s an extremely hard hitting drama that remains funny and engaging throughout, and you can find out more about the show here.