Suzie Chard speaks to London Live about new film

The 2017 Portobello Film Festival is underway and this years’ celebration provides the stage for the unveiling of a new short film featuring Suzie Chard, called Jermaine and Elsie: a tale of two worlds. The Winterson’s actress was recently interviewed on London television station, London Live, alongside director, Leon Lopez, and writer and fellow actor, Ashley Campbell.

“It’s very true to life,” said Suzie. “I have experience as well of carers. My Mum is very ill and we have four carers in four times a day, we have been through similar situations. You don’t don’t who’s turning up, and it can be very frightening for the patient, so I think it’s a very true portrayal of real life.”

The short film offers a snapshot of working class life in West Kensington has been selected for a major slot at the Festival. The story focusses on the unusual relationship between an ill-tempered older woman in bad health and her sexually ambiguous carer. For the full London Live interview and article click here.