Rae Lim



    Location London/USA (LA, New York), United Kingdom
    Height 5'4" (162cm)
    Playing age 22 - 32 years
    Appearance Chinese, East Asian, Filipino/Malay/Thai
    Eye colour Black
    Hair colour Black
    Hair length Long
    Voice character Engaging
    Voice quality Melodious


    Role Production Name Company Director
    Trixie THE STARSHIP OSIRIS Willis & Vere George Putland


    Role Production Name Company Director
    Lower Element Police (Stunts) ARTEMIS FOWL Walt Disney Pictures, Tribeca Productions, Kenneth Branagh
    Bree FIREBALL Relentless Filmworks Troy Price
    Obsessed Japanese Fan (Stunts) BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY GK Films, Tribeca Productions, Bryan Singer
    Student Fighter (Stunts) THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING Big Talk Productions Joe Cornish
    Sismene PROTOTYPE Tricell Films Damien Kage
    Hard News Office Worker BRIDGET JONES'S BABY Miramar Sharon Maguire
    Fang DANCE OF THE FRAGRANT CONCUBINE Zelicafilms Stephen Alec Southouse
    Kate CUBAN FURY Big Talk Productions James Griffiths
    Cindy Wei HAPPY BIRTHDAY CINDY WEI Arts University Bournemouth Tsveta Lozanova


    Role Production Name Company Director
    Lanie FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL MGM Television Entertainment / Universal Television Charles McDougall
    Boston Shopper CATASTROPHE S4 EP. 2 Avalon Motion Pictures Ltd. Ben Taylor
    Cindy/American Woman CUCKOO S5 EP.1 Roughcut Television Izzy Mant
    Agent Katie Lee [email protected] Relentless Filmworks Troy Price
    Korean Cheerleader THE BRIT AWARDS BBC Richard Marcel
    Empress Dowager Cixi EMPRESS ORCHID KMM Productions Michael Folorunsho
    Bartender MCMAFIA BBC James Watkins
    The Stenographer THE FORGIVING EARTH BBC Hugo Blick
    Pan Jinling THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF THE DISAPPEARED Safeguard Defenders Noemi Cassanelli
    Alina GOOD GIRLS CLUB Invincible Media Jordan Kensington
    Student SPOTIFY AND HULU TO THE RESCUE! GK Films & Media Alice Brine
    Shop Assistant TK MAXX: THE NEVERENDING STOCKING Blink Productions Nick Ball
    Girlfriend NINTENDO SWITCH: CABBIES MILKING COWS Leap Productions Jeff Emerson
    Phiyada PU My Thai Productions Tanya Kneale
    K Pop Singer/Band Leader SQUARESPACE: MAKE IT STAND OUT Knucklehead/Radioaktive Films Andreas Nilsson
    Line Producer LELO: HEX CHANGES EVERYTHING Alpha Century Oscar Hudson
    Girls' Night Out MCDONALD'S CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN Independent Films Ltd Gary Freedman
    Judo Classmate MCDONALD'S JUDO Outsider Ltd. Jim Gilchrist
    Friend O2 BRAND FILMS: PRE OWNED CAR O2 Si & Ad (Academy Films)