Tracy Brabin calls for shared parental leave for self employed

Winterson’s actress Tracy Brabin, who is now Labour and Co-operative MP for Batley and Spen, has called upon the government to extend shared parental leave to self-employed workers. The bill, which has been highly praised by campaign group Parents in Performing Arts, will go before parliament this week.

Originally speaking on Twitter, Brabin said that shared parental leave is “one of the many vital steps required to keep pace with the changing world of work. If you want a family, it’s a massive financial risk. The idea that you could go back to work and your partner take that maternity benefit so they can share the load while you go back to your business is a fantastic gift. I hope the government will join MPs from different parties and support.”

The story has now been picked up across the national and trade press, including this article in The Stage earlier this month.

Worker equality within the industry, and indeed outside of it, is an issue that Winterson’s takes extremely seriously, particularly where it relates to gender equality and pay. Speaking with regard to a recent statement that Winterson’s Lead Agent, Niki Winterson gave to the Metro newspaper concerning the BBC pay gap, Tracy lent her support: “I had the confidence because along the way I spent time with powerful women like Niki.”

It is hugely encouraging to see positive steps and tangible legislation being discussed around the industry to enhance the rights and living standards of those working within it. We stand in huge support of Tracey Brabin in her continued efforts across these areas.