Winterson’s actor Mark Jordon dazzles in latest Emmerdale storyline

Winterson’s actor, Mark Jordon, who plays Daz in Emmerdale, has found his character at the heart of a series of gripping storylines in recent weeks and months. The former Heartbeat actor who has also appeared in Emmerdale as Daz in a previous stint, recently told ITV’s This Morning about the magnitude of the recent storylines on the hit soap. 

“Daz has had quite a journey,” Mark told Holly and Phil. “Certainly since the last time I was here when I’d first started the show. He’d been living on the streets, Kerry brought him back into the fray, and made sure the family was united. But now, finding out about Amelia does begin to delve into Daz’s past… there is truly some stonking movement in this story!”

The show has hit the headlines in recent days and you can read a recent piece in The Express about it here. For all further press enquiries about Mark, please contact Winterson’s directly on 020 7836 7849, or email [email protected].