Winterson’s appoints Lawrence James to Partner

Senior Agent, Lawrence James, has been named Partner at Winterson’s. The move comes after a successful 5yr working period within the company, in which James has helped to develop the business alongside the careers of our clients.

“After five years of working together we are very happy to announce that Lawrence James is to become Partner at Winterson’s with immediate effect,” said Lead Agent, Niki Winterson. “He is responsible for Commercial across all media at and moving forward will also head up the company’s Reality Television division, an area in which we have received increased demand. Lawrence has been instrumental in helping to drive the agency forward in recent years, and we look forward to continued success.”

In a changing media landscape, James has spoken many times about the need for actors to embrace new platforms and new ways of doing things. The agency has witnessed first-hand a growth in bookings across platforms like Netflix, multi-channel commercial, and social/reality programming in recent years, and his vision in these areas has been a driving force for client success.

“I am delighted to move to Partner within the organisation,” says Lawrence, “Winterson’s has experienced strong growth across all departments in recent years, and I hope to continue supporting staff across all desks as well as working diligently on behalf of our commercial and celebrity clients.”

The appointment takes place with immediate effect, and you can find out more about the wider Winterson’s team here.