Winterson’s featured on the Hannah Cate Blog

Winterson’s has this week been featured on the Hannah Cate blog, offering insights into the world of social media for actors. It’s the second such post we’ve had published in the publication, which offers practical advice and opinions from around the industry.

Optimising your online profile can these days play an important part in the career of any actor. Tools like Instagram, Twitter, and more niche online platforms geared-up specifically towards actors can be a great way to network, stay-in-touch with the industry, and enhance your profile. In the article we look at the growth of Twitter, balancing promotion with conversation, and making time to remain social in ‘real-life’ also, by attending networking events and remaining visible:

“It’s important not to put all of your eggs in one basket. Some of the people you need to be connected to in the industry will prefer Facebook, others Twitter, some Instagram. The key is to have a presence on as many channels as is viable, without bombarding on any of them with too much content.”

You can read the article in full on the Hannah Cate Blog here.