Winterson’s featured in the Mail on Sunday

Lead Agent Niki Winterson is this week featured in the Mail on Sunday, leading the debate on equal pay and calling for a drastic rethink to how we approach the salaries of men and women. 

“It is illegal to pay women less than men for doing the same job,” says Winterson. “So how are we to enforce the law? From next month, employers must report their gender pay gaps, and we must ensure compliance by systematically bringing cases to court. The gender pay gap is 18 percent across all sectors and that money is not available in any business to simply bolt onto the wage bill.”

The full comment can be found in Sunday’s print copy of the paper, and it’s not the first time Winterson’s has been featured in the Mail on Sunday, commenting last year on similar issues surrounding BBC drama, The Replacement, and equal pay. Niki was also recently featured in The Metro newspaper talking about the issues the BBC has faced in this area.

Winterson’s remains committed to issues of equality throughout the industry, and will continue to remain strong particularly on the topics of equal pay and promoting fairness across the entire client-base.