Winterson’s joins the Women’s March on London

This Saturday Winterson’s will be in attendance of the Women’s March on London, being staged in opposition to the Inauguration of US President Elect, Donald Trump, and to help reassert the positive values that the politics of fear denies. It represents an extension of the commitment we show to equality within our own industry as vocal supporters of the Equal Representation for Actress (ERA) campaign and the need to highlight the work still to be done on improving the rights of women and other minority groups throughout the world.

The march begins at 12 noon on Saturday 21st January outside the US embassy in Grosvenor Square. It is part of a wider coalition of global events being led by the Women’s March on Washington, and all genders are welcome to join. There will also be a designated children’s area beside the US Embassy where young marchers can get their face painted, do arts and crafts and catch bubbles. The spirit of the march is very much a peaceful event designed to act as an antithesis to the themes of hatred and fear that it stands against.

“Winterson’s is a vocal player within our industry when it comes to equal rights and equal representation for all,” said Niki Winterson, Lead Agent for Winterson’s. “We are strong supporters of the Equal Representation for Actresses (ERA) campaign and when looking at issues of equality for all marginalised groups the rights of women, at fifty percent of the population, has to be of priority. The retrograde decision by the US to elect Donald Trump stretches far beyond our industry. It represents an abhorrent and dangerous endorsement of intolerance and inequality and threatens the rights of women and other minority groups across all industries and sectors. We take very seriously the responsibility of the arts & entertainment sectors to not only hold up a mirror to the way the world is, but also play a pioneering role in the way it should appear. ”

On the day, representatives from Winterson’s will be joined by colleagues from ERA. Polly Kemp, a key player in the organisation, will be one of those in attendance:

“The Equal Representation for Actresses campaign stands firmly in unison with the Women’s March on London and the wider global Women’s March movement on this issue. The remarks made by the incoming US President represent a threat not only to women, but minority groups and those fighting for equal rights across the board. We are proud to stand alongside Winterson’s, who have been huge supporters of the ERA campaign, in bringing the importance of female equality not only to our industry but to the wider world.

Those seeking to get involved with the Women’s March on London and indeed in parallel events around the world can find out more information here.