Winterson’s speaks to the Metro about equal pay

Recently Lead Agent for Winterson’s, Niki Winterson, was featured in the Metro newspaper, highlighting the importance of equal pay for men and women throughout the BBC. In a letter published in the Metro Talk section, Niki points out that the corporation receives 50% of its license fee payments from women, yet does not reciprocate this by virtue of attaining a 50/50 split between male and female wages.

“So Carrie Grace has quit as China Editor over the BBC’s gender pay gap,” says Niki. “I write as an agent who places actors and frequently negotiates with the BBC over actors’ pay. The corporation gets the license fee from both genders and yet it employs fewer women than men and pays women less across all posts. Is it going to offer women a 50% reduction in the license fee?”

Winterson’s takes the issue of equal representation for actresses, and equal pay for women in the industry, extremely seriously and is a vocal supporter of the ERA campaign.

Winterson’s actress Tracy Brabin, who is now Labour and Co-operative MP for Batley and Spen, recently commented: “I had the confidence because along the way I spent time with powerful women like Niki.”

We will continue to work in the interests of equal representation, equal pay, and the benefits that a fairer sector can bring to the industry at large.