Winterson’s speaks to The Stage newspaper about gender equality

Winterson’s is this month featured in The Stage, the weekly UK newspaper and online publication for the entertainment industry.

In an article centred around equal representation of women in the industry, Georgia Snow writes about our pledge to improve gender equality on our own books, as part of a new initiative to champion female talent in the industry. Winterson’s also feels very strongly about female representation in the industry at large, and is a vocal supporter of the Equal Representation for Actresses (ERA) campaign.

“We’re in a privileged position now, going into our fifth year, to be able to tackle the inequality of the sector, which remains a huge problem for women,” said Niki Winterson, Lead Agent for Winterson’s. “As a growing agency, we have a real opportunity to make a stand. It’s not about swapping one imbalance for another – it’s about using our role within the wider ecosystem to help address the industry imbalance at large.”

You can read the full article on The Stage website here.